If you could lower your costs, what would you do with the precious dollars you’ve saved? As a business ourselves, we imagine there at least 5 different areas of your business that could use the additional funds.

And yes, you can lower your costs.

One very straightforward thing to do so is by partnering with a CAD outsourcing company.

This means that you have an external team of experts whose focus are the labor-intensive peripheral tasks that are costing your firm in terms of your staff’s time and effort (and, quite possibly, sleep) and money.

Bottom line, you save a great deal of money when you outsource your architectural CAD projects. But how do you get to that bottom line?

Here’s how architectural CAD outsourcing benefits different aspects of your business that ultimately all boil down to reduced costs.

Reduced costs through productive and quality work

Architectural CAD drawings, drafts, renders, modes, etc., are labor-intensive and expensive. Because they are labor-intensive, they can be quite distracting and stressful for the members of your team who work on them, if they also have other tasks for different projects.

Granted, architecture can get stressful, but when your staff is overstressed, they stop being productive. They will have a hard time being brilliant at what they do and helping you get more projects and keep your existing clients happy.

Unproductive employees who make a lot of errors will stall the entire firm. Others have to pick up their slack, and then do the additional work of correcting their errors. This will take time—something your clients won’t be too thrilled with.

The same productivity and quality problems can also result from forming a separate CAD team out of your existing staff, because those outside of the new CAD team will now have to take on the abandoned responsibilities of the new CAD team.

This is why architectural CAD outsourcing is a smart way to address your firm’s productivity and quality issues: it helps relieves the stress that is a huge factor in the costly performance problems of your staff members.

With a more energized in-house staff who are able to focus on the critical aspects of your firm’s projects and an external of team of experts taking care of your architectural CAD projects, you get productivity and quality, which ultimately lead to savings and profits.

Reduced costs through time saved

CAD outsourcing companies are staffed with experienced drafters, renderers, and modelers who can produce high-quality CAD work within a much shorter time than their less experienced or less focused counterparts. As the saying goes, time is money.

Reduced costs through overhead expenses

To tackle the drafting, rendering, and modeling aspects of your practice, you may have gone for either of these approaches:

• Assign the tasks as they arise to whichever members of your staff can add it to their workload
• Form a new team out of your existing staff
• Hire a new employee or two

The first and second options, as we have already covered, can also cost you in terms of your staff’s productivity and the quality of their work.

The third option can give you quality and productivity if you get the right people. But whether or not you have put together a great team, you still have to deal with the overhead expenses, in particular:

• Hiring and training
• Payroll costs
• Insurance
• Office equipment and supplies

Quite possibly, you may need additional office space if space is already tight at your present site.

Adopting a CAD outsourcing strategy means that another company is taking care of those costs, so you pay specifically only for their CAD services—which may include a fraction of their overhead, but overall, still inexpensive compared to your first and second options.

Are you ready to lower your costs? Let us know how which of easily scalable solutions will be perfect for your firm.