No doubt, modern technology and new innovative business models have taken home builders far from the days of manual drawings to the increasing ubiquity of automation tools that make light work of previously tedious and time-consuming manual processes such as modifications and alterations of existing CAD drawings.

Additionally, technology has made it possible—as a matter fact, easy—for CAD drawings to be exported to other formats, enabling efficient, effective communication across multidisciplinary teams.

Indeed, CAD programs have made convenience and portability the rule rather than the exception in the construction industry, and in countless other industries and disciplines, for that matter.

Beyond CAD software, though, more innovations are making it possible for home builders, especially those running small businesses, to optimize technological advances to ensure continuity in their practice.

One of these is CAD outsourcing.

The business model of engaging the services of another company employing CAD specialists to work on CAD projects of home builders is proving to be highly beneficial to the construction industry, for three compelling reasons.

1. Higher-degree accuracy and precision

CAD allows for a higher degree of accuracy and precision in technical drawings, but such accuracy and precision is also largely dependent on human proficiency—the higher the degree, the better. Which is where CAD outsourcing comes in.

With CAD outsourcing, home builders are able to tap into the steadily updated expertise of professional drafters, modelers, and renderers. These are people whose concentration on CAD work is free of any prolonged disruptions—meaning that they can tackle home builders’ CAD projects equipped with comprehensive knowledge and experience-honed smarts that make it easy for them to pinpoint issues and errors, and address those at once.

2. Shorter TATs, not tempers

Experience facilitates delivery—that is as true in architectural CAD work as it is in other disciplines. CAD outsourcing cuts turnaround times by as much as half the time it would take with less experienced in-house team members who may not even be specifically focused on CAD work otherwise.

Factoring in the previous benefit, home builders get shorter turnaround times without compromising quality.

This means home builders can take on more projects without burying themselves in backlogged CAD projects that hurt the entire timeframe of individual builds, and ultimately bringing client satisfaction down to a disheartening low.

3. Savings, savings, savings

CAD outsourcing is cost-effective for home builders on two levels:

  • One, it relieves construction companies of payroll expenses (tax, compensation, health benefits, etc.) that they would normally assume on hiring in-house CAD professionals.
    Additionally, construction companies also save on expenses for additional office space, increased demand for office supplies and office furniture—not to mention expensive high-performance computers to handle renders. All these expenses are taken care of by the CAD outsourcing company who employ full-time CAD specialists.
  • Two, the winning combination of speed and quality in CAD outsourcing means home builders are pretty much spared from additional expenses incurred due to errors and the resulting corrections and adjustments. The time saved because of the absence of errors, as well as because of shorter TAT translates into both savings and additional income in the form of possibly one or two more projects that home builders can take on board.

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